Flooding With Love For The Kid
Flooding With Love For The Kid

Flooding With Love For The Kid


    Tuesday 5 October 6:45pm,br> Wednesday 6 October 3:00 pm


106 mins

Director: Zachary Oberzan Country: USA
Writer: Zachary Oberzan Original Format: DVD
Dir. of Photography: Zachary Oberzan Print Source: Zachary Oberzan
Producer: Zachary Oberzan
Cast: Zachary Oberzan

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A one man cinematic event: the Rambo story shot entirely in a tiny apartment with one man for only $96. 

Repeat Screening:

Wednesday 6 October 3:00 pm
Screen A
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus,
19 Lower Regent street,

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Flooding With Love For The Kid is debut director Zachary Oberzan’s bold retelling of the story of Rambo, made famous by Sylvester Stallone and based on the novel, First Blood by David Morrell.

But that is where all similarities end for Oberzan’s film was shot on a sub- shoestring budget of 96 dollars, All of the action takes place in the directors’ 200 square foot Manhattan apartment with Oberzan acting out all the roles himself. Inspired  by Rambo’s zeal, he also acted as his own one-man crew.

The director embraces his self-imposed limitations to go on to tell a story that despite some dodgy props and locations, – a paper cup becomes a megaphone, his bathtub serves as a river, his fireplace and a couple of twigs denote a forest – is still riveting.

This is extreme low budget filmmaking like you haven’t seen before. The fact that the film has had some glowing reviews and recently had a weeklong theatrical run at the Anthology Film Archives, New York’s premiere showcase of independent cinema, speaks for itself.


 “An outsider-cinema masterpiece…Oberzan’s mania knows no bounds.’ David Cote, TIME OUT NY

 “Bat-shine insane.Disarmingly effective – a guerilla assault on the notion that high production values are necessary for compelling storytelling.” – Ben Walter, THE GUARDIAN

Followed by Q&A


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Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street