Schedule: 1st October

Alive [Gjalle]

Friday 1 October 4:30pm

Koli, a college student, hides in the countryside to escape a blood feud, but soon realizes he has to go back to his school, to his life in the city, at the risk of confronting his assassin.

Shorts Programme 2 | Nova Express

Friday 1 October 5:15pm

Screening: Dreamland : 6' Mr.Bradley Mr.Martin : 5' Zymotic Amaurosis : 24' The Goldfish : 9' Dear Friend, : 7' Fatum! : 9' Welcome To The Extraordinary Competition Winners: Mike 360 Extraordinary Toys The Quickest Way To Get Over Your Depression The Extraordinary Dreams Of The Extraordinary Girl Manhattan 4.33 pm Give Your Ordinary Something Extra Close To Home Off The Rails: An Extraordinary Journey Sometimes The Underdog Wins The Pick Up The An Unquiet  - Euphorial No Place Like Home Shake It The Price We Pay Clown Showdown Shorts Before Features: Siege Of End Hill Farm Cato In Wonderland Somewhere Never Traveled Radio Girl (Underground Melody) Halkke 9 Product The Actress Who Fell In Love With Herself -C- Ribbon Skylight

This Way Of Life

Friday 1 October 6:15pm

A film about a family. Mum, dad, six kids and 50 wild horses; a beach, a mountain and a burnt down house.

Boys On The Run

Friday 1 October 6:30pm

When menial worker Tanishi falls for colleague Chiharu he must fight a rival company’s star salesman for her honour.


Friday 1 October 7:30pm

A Black Ops soldier begins to disintegrate mentally as he broods over the legacy of his actions in this taut psychological thriller.

Swansea Love Story

Friday 1 October 8:15pm

gritty and challenging documentary about young heroin addicts on the streets of Swansea.

L.A. Zombie

Friday 1 October 9:45pm

“It came from beneath the sea... to fuck the dead back to life.”


Friday 1 October 10:00pm

Max, an ex-gangster falls in love with a woman escaping a criminal organization. One day he realizes her terrible secret.