The Woman With A Broken Nose
The Woman With A Broken Nose

The Woman With A Broken Nose


    Monday 4 October 8:30pm
    Tuesday 5 October 2:45 pm


100 mins

Director: Srdjan Koljevic Country: Germany, Serbia
Writer: Srdjan Koljevic Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Goran Volarevic Print Source: Aktis Film International
Producer: Alexander Ris, Jelena Mitrovic, Srdan Golubovic
Cast: Nebosja Glogovac, Branka Katic, Anica Dobra

Film Details

London Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A mysterious woman’s suicidal leap sends shockwaves through the lives of three strangers. 

Repeat Screening:

Tuesday 5 October 2:45 pm
Screen B
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus,
19 Lower Regent street,

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When an injured woman jumps out of a taxi and off of a Belgrade bridge – leaving her baby behind on the back seat – her suicidal plunge sparks an intricate chain of events, bringing the long repressed emotions of strangers bubbling to the surface against a sensitively sketched backdrop of modern-day Serbia.

The woman with a bloodied face and a baby bundled up in her arms is clearly running from something or someone when she hails surly Gavrilo’s taxi, but the pace of her escape is quickly slowed by the solid traffic over a Belgrade bridge. Also stuck in the jam are troubled single schoolteacher Anica and in another car, self-medicating pharmacist Biljana, discussing wedding plans with her fiancé. In an instant, the lives of these strangers are changed forever when they witness the injured mother jump out of the taxi and off of the bridge, triggering an enthralling and intricately woven series of events.

An emotionally charged yet never over-played illumination of the way strangers’ lives collide, The Woman with a Broken Nose deftly hints at the turbulent socio-political history of its Serbian setting without compromising the universality of its characters’ yearnings and fears. Anica and Biljana are drowning in emotional apathy as they wait to cross the bridge. Gavrilo, a Bosnian refugee, is a lovable grouch who softens as the baby left behind by his mysterious passenger breaks through his isolation. Foregrounding talented actors in believable scenarios writer/director Srdjan Koljevic creates a compelling piece of cinema; the gradual revelations and interweaving of all three tales will have you gripped right up to the end.

Followed by Q&A

03 October 2010 Wins the GOLDEN EYE at 6th Zurich Film Festival