Saturday 9 October 8:45pm


135 mins

Director: Djinn Carrénard Country: France
Writer: Djinn Carrénard Original Format: XDCAM
Dir. of Photography: Djinn Carrénard Print Source: Djinn Carrénard
Producer: Djinn Carrénard
Cast: Émilia Dérou Bernal, Salomé Blechmans, Laura Kpegli

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Donoma is a feature film made on a $200 budget by a one man army. How do you talk about love in France and still bring something new?


An anthology of stories that set out to explore the varying definitions of love. In the first segment, Ana is a Spanish teacher, whose class is continually disrupted by troublesome student Dacio. But when she corners Dacio, he becomes infatuated with her – something that Ana uses to repeatedly humiliate and intimidate him.

In the second vignette, an atheist teenage girl looking after her leukaemia-suffering sister begins to question whether a number of unusual elements within her life are in fact signs from God.

The third story follows a female photographer who specialises in taking candid photographs of couples. After setting some ground rules, she offers herself to a stranger in an attempt to see whether true love can be born from a single sexual encounter.

Expertly assembled, Donoma’s vignettes overlap and intertwine, constructing a landscape that questions what love is, addressing its many manifestations including family, infatuation and heartbreak. And from these stories, additional subplots are formed in which other relationships are introduced, adding extra depth to the multi-layered narrative.

Driven by a strong script and a plethora of great performances, Donoma is an excellent lesson in storytelling on a low budget and with limited resources. Each story is engaging and every character is intriguing and draws emotional engagement. Experienced editing guides us through the various stories as the guiding theme, love, is explored from many angles.

Followed by Q&A


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