Body Temperature
Body Temperature

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Body Temperature


    Friday 30 September 16:15
  • All Tickets £5.00


72 mins

Director: Takaomi Ogata Country: Japan
Writer: Takaomi Ogata Original Format: Digital
Dir. of Photography: Takashi Horinouchi Print Source: Takaomi Ogata
Producer: Takaomi Ogata
Cast: Chavetaro Ishizaki, Rin Sakuragi

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European Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Rintaro lived peacefuly with a beloved doll Ibuki until he met and fell in love with Rinko, a club hostess, who looked exactly like Ibuki.


Body Temperature Director Takaomi Ogata spins the surreal story of Rintaro (Chavetaro Ishizaki), a man in love with a life-size sex doll. If this sounds familiar, you may recall Lars and the Real Girl, the 2007 comedy with similar subject matter. Well, Body Temperature bears similarities to that, but takes the focus off the humour in the situation to create a more disturbing and unsettling film.

Rintaro is a social outcast. Barely able to interact with women, he finds solace in his life-sized sex doll Ibuki, with whom he seems to have a completely 'normal' relationship - they eat together, go on dates, share birthday parties, have sex. In the heights of his delusion, Rintaro meets Rinko, a real woman working for an escort agency. After she's quit her job the pair hit it off and indulge in a night of passion the likes of which Rintaro has never experienced. However, when Rinko finds Ibuki the relationship ends, and Rintaro looks like he's about to fall back into his delusional world.

Body Temperature is an extremely unsettling film. Graphic sex scenes punctuate Rintaro's sad life, and he seems always on the verge of something destructive. A pervading feeling of loneliness and the vain struggle for human contact contribute to a sad and creepy atmosphere, which, far from putting us off, only sucks the audience deeper in, always anxious for the alienated Rintaro.

Orestes Kouzof

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19 Lower Regent Street


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